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HD500X Tempo sync to RC-300 Master

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Hello All,

I've connected my HD500X to a Boss RC-300 Looper using a midi cable. I set my tempo sync to global, and the HD is set to slave. The Boss is very frustrating, as I has to be the master apparently. I have been able to achieve a handshake between the units, where the HD matches the BPM of the looper, within.5 of a BPM. This is repeatable and patch changes on the Boss reflect the desired tempo, however, the tempo "tap" lights do NOT sync up so I fear that the tempo sync is being achieved in theory only. My ultimate goal is to sync my DAW (Ableton) to this clock as well, but I'd be happy to get these two unit sorted first...any suggestions or experience with this?


I'm very new to midi, and I when I connected that cable, it appears there are a lot instructions being exchanged, certain buttons on RC-300 change patches on the HD. Where can I find a mapping of these? I presume they're set to default on both units, but I'd like to disable some of them, as many times its an undesireable change. Is this typically mapped using software or menus on the HD?


Forgive my ignorance, an help would be greatly appreciated!



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