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HD500X, High gain dual amp issue


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Hi guys, I've had my HD500X for a few days and have just had a go at creating a dual amp patch using a couple of high gain amp models.


I started by selecting the first amp and tweaking the tones to my liking. I then added the second amp with the intention of doing the same. In this process, I switched off the first amp so I could only hear the one in path B, however, this amp (Treadplate in this case) is very quiet, you can just faintly hear the distorted tone but you can still hear the dry signal much louder as if there is no amp selected.


I then re-enable amp A and that is doing it too.


I'm hoping it's just user error as I have upgraded from the X3 Live which had several issues and had to go back for repair more than once, so, I hoping I'm not having the same bad luck with this one!

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