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Went through quite some trouble with footswitches*) and found this thread/topic.




But it is impossible to respond  (or add information). Why is that?


I'd think it it would be nice to build up or extend the knowledge base.


*) Not here to respond but for the complete story: I managed to control the UX2/PODFarm with a Boss FS6 (recommended because of the options momentary/latch); an issue is still the A/B or the A/B/Y options. But if you want to control Riffworks, Ableton or Mobius as well (as looper) you can't use it, as far as I can see now you need a USB footswitch (for example the Scythe Foot Switch)), for UX2 seems to be unable to connect through. 

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the forum software has been changed... your link is from the old forum software. all those threads are closed, but available for reference.

If you want to discuss it further, start a new thread with a nice summary, would probably be the best path forward.

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