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Thinking of getting a standard, but I need to know something


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OK First off I need to tell you how my praise and worship guitar setup is at my church.


Well I do not have a traditional tube amp/ pedal setup any more....I have went the high end modeling route.

I use: an axe fx II (No XL) with a MFC 101 pedalboard hooked up to it. with a FRFR (Full range flat response.... EV 112P powered speaker) hooked up to that.

Below that, is my MIDI guitar setup which consists of a yamaha Motif XS that I use for my MIDI guitar sounds and a Axon AX 100 Mark II guitar converter below that...

I use this to convert the sounds from the yamaha Motif into my axon ax 100 mark II guitar converter and I run a 13 pin cord on my Godin ACS SA calssical guitar into my axon converter.(I use this for various sounds a guitar cannot make...such as flutes, strings, horns, etc.)

My acoustic setup consists of a Fender acoustisonic amp with a LR Baggs preamp and M1 acoustic guitar pickup running into a H2O Liquid Chorus for all my acoustic guitar chorus sounds.I run the acoustic seperately to the PA on a different channel than my electrics.

My guitars in the picture: are (From left to right) (1) a Godin LCS SA Classical I use for MIDI,(2) a PRS Modsern Eagle 1 Private Stock and (3) a Fender 57 Reissue strat. I run those three guitars into an ART 4 in 1 unpowered mixer (So that I can simply turn up the volume of a guitar when I want to use it, then turn it off after I am done and put it back on the stand.)

On the right of the picture, is a Taylor 312 CE acoustic guitar.

I have a vox wah and earnie ball volume pedal. And other than stands, cords and a well as an ipad 3, That is my setup at church. It may not be a "traditional" guitar setup, but going direct like I do serves me well in a church enviornment.



Here is  apic of my guitar setup....


QUESTION......I want to add a variax to the mix and run it through my setup with my axe fx II....BUT I use a unpowered mixer to plug the guitars into fist and THEN take one 1/4 line to the front of the axe fx II. This way....I can pickup a guitar...turn up the volume and I am ready to play. And when I am done...I simply turn off the volume and put the guitar back on the stand.


NOW HERE IS MY QUESTION.....Can I use a line 6 variax XPS AB box to power my variax and run it into the mixer and then from there the mixer will go into my axe fx?


This is the one I want to use


And it will go into a unpowered mixer like this

I may have to get another unpowered mixer just like all of the inputs to this main one are filled....but what I can do is go out of one and into the other. (At least I THINK that will work....never tried daisy chaining two passive mixers together like that) If that does not work I can just get a line mixer I guess???


Then from there into the front input of the axe fx II.


Will I screw something up if I try to use something like this that POWERS the variax like the Line 6 XPS AB Box?

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The only power is in the TRS connection from the A/B box to the Variax. The A/B box output (which you would connect to your passive mixer) is just a regular mono 1/4" connection, with no power. You'll be absolutely fine. Just to confirm the correct routing:


Variax Standard > TRS cable > A/B box 1/4" input  > A/B box 1/4" output > passive mixer > Axe FX


Nice rig by the way :)

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