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Headphone out vs line out


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I was messing about at home, somebody bought me a little speaker that looks like an amp , it's only 5 watts but in the interest of science I hooked it up to the firehawk

Actually it sounded pretty good when plugged into the headphone jack on the firehawk (well much better than expected)

So then I tried it in the 1/4 inch line out and it sounded terrible, beyond terrible actually , it was quieter and much , much more harsh sounding, all the high frequencies seemed very overdone

Now this is the exact same problem I've had when swapping between headphones and my lt3 speaker (yes I don't expect them to sound exactly the same)

So two questions

1) do I have a problem with the firehawk or is it expected? (Both left and right 1/4 inch outs sound the same , way too much treble)

2) can I run out of the headphone jack into the lt3 speaker without hurting anything? (I haven't tried this yet but I'm expecting it to sound much better

Thanks for any help

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I've been digging around on the global interweb and it seems a lot of people are saying that the headphone out and the 1/4 inch out should sound about the same, they are not referring to the firehawk but the hd500, I couldn't find much that was specific to the firehawk.

My outputs definitely sound very different

Might do a flash

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