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I have had 2 pod xt live, 2 pod x3 live, HD Pro and HD 500 (is that what it is called) so I like the line 6 stuff.


Right now I am in Thailand for extended period of time without my rig, so I just bought a Pod Floor Plus at a second hand store, and came across another so grabbed that also.


One of them has something loose inside. You shake it and it rattles.


I don't think there is a service centre in Northern Thailand.


I know I will void my warranty if I open it but I don't think I am going to use the warranty so I want to open it up.


Gee there are a lot of screws on the bottom.


Which screws shall I take out to disassemble enough to identify the loose part and repair?


The unit works fine by the way, I just want to keep it that way.

I'm thinking with some help from others here we can work it out.







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Never took mine apart but if its like the XTL and X3L all the bottom screws for sure. That might be it. The case was a bit different than the XT/X3's and it might just be a bottom tray IIRC. You probably just need to get a corner/side to drop to shake out the "thing". :)

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Cant seem to find how to upload a photo but there are a lot of screws on the bottom, like at least 25


I'm picking thats lots of things mounted to the base.


If I take them all out things are going to get messy inside and I'm going to have more than one loose part I am picking..

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