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Some System Control Buttons acting weird on X3 Live


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The issue is the following on the system control buttons:


a. "on/off-double click for edit", when pressed changes the bank to "A" no mather at what bank you are. Also double click does not work so no editing of amp or effect is possible;

b. "Home-hold for commands", works but when hold, doesn't open commands;

c. "L/R Down/Up" button does only go well to the right. When going left, slowly it work, once double clicked it edits some effect depending on where the cursor is. I think its acting as "double for edit". Down is ok, up does not work.


1. Have already tried factory reset, very difficult while "Home-hold for commands" is not working right;

2. Flashed memory bak to 1.21, then 2.00 again and obviously 2.01 several good!!!



Pls Heeeeeeelppppp



Luis (Portugal)

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