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2 x DT25 cab - I think I may be onto a winner


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I'm picking up a couple of 2nd hand DT25 cabs this weekend, and I will power them with my Sherlock Signal Station 5050 stereo tube amp. I've been running into (originally) a Marshall JCM800 extension cab with 2 x Celestion G12-65 speakers which I found to be a little dark, and more recently both the Marshall and a Spider (?) minus the amp section, with 2 x 10" Celestion Seventy80 (aka G10P80 custom Line 6) which opened up the sound somewhat, and made me smile more.


So bye bye Marshall cab, my trusty old friend - it's been great, but it's sadly no longer working out for me. :(


I'll keep the ex-Spider cab, (and who knows - I may even put those 10"ers into a bigger, better cab at some point), for more spread.


Looking forward to this!


Who knows - there may even be a cheap 2nd hand DT25 head down the track!!!

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