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Helix and Relay G10


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On 6/18/2016 at 3:12 PM, d1stewart said:

Here's what I am thinking of trying (sometimes) with my Helix and G10: Plug the guitar into the Helix by cable, and then the G10 transmitter into the 1/4" output of the Helix. Then plug the receiver into my amp. That way I can have my amp and Helix disconnected, and I can put the amp anywhere. Sure, I'll still be tethered to the Helix, but still mobile with the amp. And when using my Variax, I can be powered by Helix.


I actually just used a similar method with my Variax 500: Plugged Variax into the power supply, and instead of cable from power supply to amp, I put the G10 transmitter into the output of the power supply, and the receiver on my amp. The amp was not convenient to cable to the power supply, so it was a good setup. Worked nicely.


Of course, maybe the Helix's output from the 1/4", carrying with it all the effects, will be too much to send by G10T.


And I have to get my Helix working---it arrived with inputs not working. Back to Line 6 with it... I'll get a chance to try it in probably about a month, I'm guessing.


Did this ever work?


Edit and Update: It works really well!

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