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Shure SM7B help (Voice Overs, Vocals)


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Equipment Using: Line 6 UX2, SM7B, Pod Farm and Cloudlifter. 
My aim: I do YouTube videos and would like reliable good audio (with that radio warm sound). 


Hey :] 

I'll start off by saying that I am very new to audio and audio equipment, so you might have to talk to me like I am 5 years old, haha. After setting up the SM7B, I was pretty disappointed by how "dull" it sounded. I am personally looking for that warm radio sound. I understand you need to pretty much be ontop of the microphone, which I have started to do. I have tried all three foams, and have stuck with the thick foam because of how close I need to be with the microphone. I understand taking off all the foams will help, but I worry because I am a heavy breather.... won't condensation damage the microphone? I personally have no idea. 


I was also somewhat shocked by how sensitive the microphone was to speaking positions. I didn't go for condenser microphones or that very reason. If I were to read a line, sometimes it sounds exactly how I picture and other times it totally misses the mark. What I mean by this is, sometimes the volume can be VERY low, it peaks (even though I speak at normal volume) or it just sounds "dull". I really would like good level audio and not have to worry about the microphone not sounding good that one take. 


I have also noticed that UX2 will flat out refuse me to change from 44hz to 48hz on Windows 7. It either does show the option most of the time, but when it does the interface wont let me change. I have removed drivers many times. 


My gain on the microphone is roughly at 12 O'clock.


I have provided images of my settings on Pod Farm below. 


I have also included what I consider to be a good take (with some extra light compression). Yesterday the 's' sounds sounded low quality and the audio levels were all over the place. Are SM7B's supposed to be so sensitive?


If possible is there any effects for peaking? I am a quiet speaking person but sometimes I can get loud. I don't want to worry about peaking the audio when I am doing commentary. 


Sorry for all the questions! I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. I watch people on Twitch.TV all the time, and hear they have fantastic audio. I also see they are able to move their head around and still sound good. For me I have to be stuck in a locked position otherwise the quality will just drop.  


Thanks in advance :] !!!! 





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