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Differences in products where to find info


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Hi. I'm new to some of these products. I have an M9 and briefly tried the FH floor modeler. It appears there are many similarities with these products. I get that Helix is very high end but I'm not sure what makes the Firehawk better than the Amplifi. And how does the fx100 differ from Amplifi TT? I'm assuming the Firehawk 1500 is the very big brother of the Amplifi150? Is the Helix the big brother of the Pod hd500x? Where can you find articles comparing all this stuff? I've checked the Line6 web site. I don't see the comparisons. Thx


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they are grouped in "families", here is a really simple breakdown of the model set families:


AMPLIFi - this uses the "POD Farm" model set.  all units in the family use the same app and have the same capabilities, but some how speakers (30, 75, 150) or foot control (FX100) or the table top format (TT)


POD HD - uses HD model set (released in 2010).  High Def versions of POD Farm, as well as new amps and mics.


Fiewhawk (FX & 1500): uses both the POD Farm and HD Model sets


Helix: uses the latest "HX" model set - all new models, effects, etc.  released in 2015. 


hope this helps clear it up for you!

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