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  1. My AMPLIFI 75 always defaults to its very low level of volume each time I turn it on. It does not save or store that setting I last used on the Master volume or any tone bank I may have been using. That also reverts to the first Bank, #1 position. I don't consider this a defect. It just is what it is. I put the volume up to whatever I need when turning the amp on each time. No biggie!
  2. Are you logged into the account you created using the app? That may be the difference!
  3. I have used my AMPLIFi with a friend's powered Yamaha H5 small studio monitors ($300 for a pair in and the sound blew me away! I could play a small venue with that set up! Also, the stereo effects were killer!and you do not need an adapter as the Yamahas have a 1/4 inch and/or XLR out jack for standard PA's
  4. I never received that email. All of my knowledge about L6 products is by trial and error as the company virtually offers zero tech support and the poorly written manuals are nearly useless IMHO! Jim
  5. Ya. Thx. I realized that too and updated the app. There is no new firmware update. Have not tried the new feature in Music yet.
  6. The article by Line6Will is misleading! It says you need the newest firmware to use the newest remote app software, 2.60. Most of us already have the newest firmware, 2.50.2. But there is no newer firmware or update to 2.50.2. If you have that you can download the update to the remote app. Jim
  7. I've figured out that there is no new firmware! Just an update to the remote app that includes a new feature in the music tab for downloading jam tracks. Have not tried it yet. Jim
  8. A Line 6 tech posted something about downloading the 2.60 firmware for the Amplifi, but it does not appear to be available. Is there a timetable for the release, because that is not stated in the forum article. In the settings part of the remote app, it does not state that a new firmware is ready for download. Same with connecting by USB with the Line 6 Updater. It only shows the 2.50.2 in the list of available firmware downloads. Jim
  9. Maybe it's because I've had zero issues using the remote app on my phone or iPad. Piece of cake to edit so far with no BT issues that I frequently read about on these forums. Guess I'm in the 1%. But I should not gloat!
  10. After several months of owning and using my 75, I realized that while it was a really fun toy, that I'd rather spend the hours on improving my skills and technique than playing with all those tones...just sayin' Jim
  11. True: all the l6 devices using a remote app such as the Amplifi and Firehawk work this way. You cannot add or delete blocks. You can exchange existing ones, for example a mod can be switched to a delay. And you can change their locations in the signal chain to some degree. You can edit and save blocks as I described earlier. But you can only work with the assigned blocks that appear in the app for each tone. Jim
  12. After I wrote a ticket with L6, they immediately suggested I upgrade my Mac to the newest operating system. They had very little knowledge of USB 3.0. But another user on these forums reported having no difficulty at all with their same year Mac using USB 3.0 on El Capitan operating system. I plugged the Amplifi into my daughter's 5 year old Mac laptop and it worked perfectly. I recorded directly into Garage Band within seconds as a test. Go figure! Jim
  13. Assuming you are using the remote App. Right? If you do use the app you will see your tone by name. Press "Edit." It takes you to the parameters of all the various effects blocks. You can select a block such as mod and look for the on/off icon. The effect must be turned on the on will light up when it's on. You can choose a different effect or edit the present one using several built in parameters. When you finish editing your tone you must save what you did once again using the app. Your choices include saving to My Tones, saving with a new name to my tones, or saving to the Amplifi. It will then ask you where you want to save your tone on the amp. You can overwrite any of the existing tones by saving your edited tone to the amp. I tend to save to both My Tones and the amp. Have fun! Ps you can also edit any tone you download from the Cloud. (still have to save after editing). Jim
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