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  1. You can use the pedal board, or there is also a Auto-Wah in the Synth pedal section, I use it and it's pretty good. HEAVILY dependent on gain staging, if it sounds weak or bad, adjust the volume of your guitar and the Q/Sensitivity settings. Start this the guitar, if not there, dime the guitar and try the other settings
  2. I don't have any Bluetooth issues, here are my tips: Make sure NO other device is paired to the amp, Unpair and turn off BT for any other device besides the the one you want to pair. Go into the 'pair' screen of the app, make sure your amp is on, and select it to pair. If your BT indicator on the AMP is blinking SLOWLY, hold the button for several seconds. You want the blinking light to be blinking FAST, or just staying on. If it turns off, or blinks slowly, let go of it, and hold it again for a few seconds. This consistently works for me, and I have had no disconnection errors, unless I closed the app or something similar. Usually it will give me the error message a few times, before loading for a longer time, and once it has been loading for a few seconds, I know it will pair. I sometimes open up the menu from the side, just to see and confirm it is pairing. Let me know if this helps you
  3. Please share. I never found a gallery, but I did find the descriptions page of all the models.
  4. I find I can only have 1 single device paired at a time for some reason. I sometimes forget my phone/tablet is paired when trying to connect the other one, and it's a pain, but once you know this is the behaviour, it's easier.
  5. So at some point I was playing with my Master Volume/LEVEL parameter down as I was jamming late at night, and now every time I start the amp, it's still low -_- Any tips on setting this back? Is it related to the A tone, which is auto-selected?
  6. I'm pretty certain its because it's still paired to the previous device. It can be tricky troubleshooting the connection issues and stuff, but you get the hang of it. Unpair, pair to new phone, then connect in the app, and turn the bluetooth on on the amp.
  7. It breaks my heart to hear this answer, hahaha. This amp could easily sell a ton more if they implemented these obvious features. I've had it less than a week, and I love it, but I'm wondering if it's time to return it for a THR10. Especially with the reports of people having the amp die in 3-4 months -_- Not really looking to have spent 100 a month to 'rent' the amp
  8. Are there any effects turned on before the amp sucking the gain out of it?
  9. It seems like quite a few no-brainer features are still not added to the amp, like more than 1 bank selection, being able to map the FX knob to the Presence knob, things like that, I'm curious if we are really going to be able to expect any more updates for this amp, or if this has been long since forgotten?
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