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  1. "One of the primary distinguishing features of these product lines is wireless mobility" :P That's all fair and square, if the wireless mobility worked but as the forum proves, its not very successful really, and to keep people hanging in anticipation, waiting for a PC/Mac USB editor.... well shame on you line 6. I guess Marshall had the proper way of doing the "wireless mobility" bit by allowing the user controls built onto the amp for editing as well as the mobile App
  2. 1devan

    Missing Manual?

    Hi, welcome to Line 6 Amplifi series, you are about to enter a phase in your life where indescriminate blue tooth drop outs, months of frustration regarding editors, and very poor after sales service from line 6 that will fill your days, until you finally submit to selling your precious Amplifi 150. This is the reality of Line 6. I had similar problems with an Amplifi 150 and an Amplifi TT, both were returned and monies refunded (after a lot of hassle). Dont go down that path, if its a new unit send it back . Read in between the lines on this forum. After saying all this I do like the unit and if ( thats a big if) it worked reliably then it would win all hands down.
  3. ROFL..... How many years now, one two and still counting, if L6 had anything about them they would get their act together and create a Windows/Mac USB editor
  4. Sinking ships and the like :) LOL, I like the way Gkf9 writes "I've not had a lot of connectivity issues lately at all" and "4 tones atm is fine for me" why spend all that money on a unit that has a potential to playback thousands of tones, but is limited in storage, reducing the user to four tones.. four tones... Pah Also you shouldn't get any connection issues, people today will just accept bad workmanship, if more people complained that goods don't do what they were intended to do, the manufacturers might get the message and start producing goods that actually do what they were intended to do. Add to this the frustration of dealing with poor customer services and long waiting times for a contact.... GGGrrrr :angry: by using a dedicated USB PC/Mac editor Line 6/Yamaha could eliminate almost 99% of their problems. Thanks for your responses guys, but my Fender Mustang III v2 is arriving today, so if I have problems with that Then.........then.... i'll eat my hat.. even though I don't wear one. Bye Bye Line 6/Yamaha and thanks for the fish.
  5. Gkf9, Four tones...Four tones...... I laugh in your face :) , when compared to the Marshall Code (100 tones on board plus you can edit from the unit) same with the Mustang III v2. (100 on board tones plus editing) four tones on board is very limiting, and as the bluetooth connection on both my TT and Amplifi 150 proved to be extremely unreliable, on an iPhone and iPad and HTC android, I have wasted enough money and time with Line 6 :P but in saying this I did, and still do, like the units, its only the limited editing and the totally unreliable bluetooth conections. Jim, A third party App is anything that's not related to the original units manufacturers, Ie if I wanted to go out and buy an Amplifi, to edit it, I would then need to go out and buy a third party piece of junk, I.e. Smartphone or Tablet in which to edit the Amplifi. The on board editing facilities on the Amplifi series are none existent. Checked out the Spyder IV, and it seems a bit POD 2 ish, which really is old technology Sorry but I think you have been duped by Line 6. Now if line 6 decided to make a PC editor that uses USB instead of bluetooth Hhmmm now that's a good idea
  6. As line 6 Amplifi (Which I like a lot) only uses a third party app to edit their units, using the unreliable bluetooth system, ie without the App you cannot edit it, so this is a no go, why should I waste good money on an Amplifi, only to have to buy a third party app to edit it!!! seems crazy. Most guys have either a PC or Mac.So no thanks line 6. The Marshall code uses a similar system but not as versatile as the Amplifi system, but it can be edited without a third party App, from the unit itself. So all that remains is the Fender Mustang, which ticks all my boxes, still not as versatile as the Amplifi but good, the only problem there is its 100 watts output which is too F**king loud, so Im still not decided.......... Now if line 6 decided to make a PC editor that uses USB instead of bluetooth that would certainly sway me. That is unless anyone has other ideas? :o
  7. :blink: Oh dear what a dilemma, I need a practice amp, but which one. Help any advice welcome :blink:
  8. I presumed that the majority of problems were caused by the blue tooth communication, am I not wrong? if so then surely we would have the same problems editing on a PC, what is required is an editor designed to use the USB connection ( Designed for later use) Thus bypassing the inferior blue tooth editing system.
  9. Yup, a hell of a lot of frustration!!!
  10. The question: I have a hate relationship with Apple and Android, could you tell me if in the near future that an editor for the Ampifi 30 would be available for the PC? as this would sway me to purchase the new Amplifi 30. The other two units were RTM as they proved unreliable on Bluetooth, but if a Dedicated PC editor were available, then I would definatly be persuaded to purchase the New Amplifi 30 when becomes available in the UK. Please say Yes.... and mean it The reply I received: Hi, thanks for getting in contact with us regarding your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. Unfortunately there are no plans for a PC or Mac Editor at the moment. In order for your feedback to reach the right people, we ask that you submit your comments, ideas, and suggestions to our IdeaScale where ideas are voted on, with commentary, sometimes by the Product Managers themselves: http://line6.ideascale.com/ We take your feedback very seriously and appreciate the time you take to help us better serve you with better quality products. My Reply If you take our feedback so seriously, then why have we got to write to a separate address to lodge an idea or complaint, a simple solution would be to pass the complaint /idea on to the said department, so don't Bullsh*t, that's just passing the buck. Best regards Olaf Schildt Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe So now we all know what to do: Dont buy the product until a decent dedicated editor is available.
  11. PC/Mac USB Editor for Amplifi: :) Do any of you guys think that this should be available? :) :ph34r: Its such a shame that line 6/Yamaha don't seem to be addressing this topic :ph34r: <_< The limitations to phones and tablets, for such a great concept seems futile <_< :lol: And yes I do like emoticons :lol:
  12. Hi, I've just acquired a POD XT live, I'm using it for practice through my Blackstar HT-5, there are so many variant ways to connect these two units, has anyone any suggestions, mainly conecting the XT between the send and returns, or bypassing the front of the amp and just connecting the XT to the return and use the XT as the input device, either way there are two adjustments that I'm not sure about: a) On the XT is a line/amp output switch, what should that be set to when connecting to the Blackstar's return b) On the Blackstars return is a 4db/10db switch what should that be set at. I would like to set all the patches to neutral, ie no amps/effects ( like a bypass ) any ideas on the best way of doing this, regarding levels, ie bypass levels and amp levels, tis all a bit daunting really and any help would be welcome.
  13. 1devan

    PC editor

    I really feel for you, I had a amplifi 750, and a TT, sadly both have been returned to the manufactures and I have obtained refunds, for both units. I bought the Boss GT001 ( a GT100 ) in a box minus pedals, this seems a good substitute, for a POD, and the price was reduced to £150. Its a shame really as I liked the line 6 stuff, but it proved far too unreliable, and not enough work or thought has gone into the editing side, most people have PCs or Macs so why not an editor, the thinking is beyond me.That is unless Yamaha (I think they own line 6) have ties with apple.
  14. Has anyone tried using the android app? Do you get the same problems with it? My "connection" being dropped repeatedly didn't happen with my wife's android phone, and was just wondering if it was an Apple problem rather than poor old Line 6's fault. Please don't shout at me, 'twas just a thought
  15. 1devan

    PC editor

    I ask myself, how many people have an Apple watch, compared to a PC? so why do line 6 design editors for a timepiece, rather than for the majority of PC owners, their logic is beyond me. I had an Amplifi 150, which was returned for being faulty, I then bought an Amplifi TT, which is drops the bluetooth connection every time I use it, and are contemplating returning this unit. I have to say that I have always supported line 6, but this Amplifi venture is a brilliant idea... when it works, which for 50 percent of the time doesn't. So come on Line 6 get your act together... give me a PC editor that works, and is not dependant on bluetooth, and some reliable firmware
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