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Bass Pod XT Live with active monitor as replacement for backline


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Hi All,


Just picked up a Bass Pod XT Live and now considering options for stage backline and monitoring.


I currently have a Marshall MB4210 plus extension cabinet as backline that is DI'd to the PA at larger venues.


I would love to lighten the load and wonder if I could use an active monitor connected to the Pod as my backline in smaller venues where only a vocal PA is required.


Has anyone tried this set up and, if so, what are your recommendations for a suitable active monitor??




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You could go about "going amp-less" a few ways.


You could just try DI-ing into the PA straight from your POD, or if you really want to have the air move, you could look at getting a Power Amp and plug it into your 4x10 (matching the impendance rating of course) with your POD in front of the Power Amp.


I used my old PODxt Live in front of the rehearsal room PA, instead of plugging it into an amp, and it worked just fine. Just upgraded to a POD HD, and I intend doing the same.


Just make sure your patches sound good when amplified like this, it may take some tone tweaking to get them sounding right at higher volumes, and especially in a band mix.

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