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  1. Ideascale: POD Go & Helix - More Bass Specific Models Please Your votes will be more than welcome.
  2. As a long time Line6 user, bass player, and recent POD Go purchaser, it's great to see that there are a lot more choices available for the bass players over some of the previous generations of Line6 products. However, given that our guitar playing brethren have a large selection of amp, cab & pedal variations, how about a few more bass specific amps, cabs & pedals, such as a bass specific wah, or a few more bass specific Distortion / Overdrive / Fuzz pedals (with the "Blend" control). Something (but not limited to) like Yamaha & Line6 endorsee, Billy Sheehan's signature EBS drive pedal, which would give us a bit more colour, or one of the Tech21 (Boost Distortion / Boost Fuzz?). What about all the Aguilar or MarkBass range? What about the Ampeg Liquifier & Opto Comp? Pretty sure there are other bass players out there crying out for a bit more choice & variation in the choices available.
  3. Raised a Support Ticket with Line6, they recommended to Uninstall both Monkey & License Manager, and then re-install them. Tried it last night, everything's working fine now. :)
  4. Same problem with Line Monkey AND Licence Manager. You should be able to download the Drivers and the like from the Line6 server and load them onto your device from Line6 Monkey without logging into the server. However, if you are wanting to load a model pack onto your device, this could be a big problem if you can't log in to the Line6 server.
  5. In a word. YES! Been through a few units to get to the HD, but prior to getting the HD500x, I used a PODxt Live. When I got the HD500x, I still had the XT Live, so I did a comparison. Manually copied over a couple of my favourite patches form the XT to the HD, then compared the units back to back, with the same instrument(s). The conclusion was that the HD500x patches were not only "clearer", but more "defined", you could certainly hear more nuances in the sounds form the HD than the XT, the effects are far better as well.
  6. skybone

    Auto Wah Help

    Typical, sounded good on it's own, but not that great in a band situation. Back to the drawing board I think.
  7. skybone

    Auto Wah Help

    Thanks for the suggestions. I had a play about with the settings last night, found the Voice Box to sound best, especially as the first effect in the line. The acid test is tonight at rehearsal.
  8. Is the HD147 Power Amp working OK? Why not try plugging your HD500x into the Effects Return, bypassing the preamp completely. Use the HD500x as your preamp, and just boost the signal with the power amp of the HD147.
  9. skybone

    Auto Wah Help

    I've been trying to set up an Auto Wah for one of my Bass patches, but can't seem to get the parity between the "clean" sound & the effected sound. There's a bass intro on one of our songs that's crying out for an Auto Wah / cocked Wah type of effect on it for the intro, but then needs a clean sound for the other parts. I've played with some of the effect models, and can get a reasonable Auto Wah, but there's a volume drop switching between the clean & effected sounds. I've tried adding more gain to the Auto Wah (Q Filter), but there's still a discernible volume difference between clean & effected (really like the Tron Down as well, but that's got a similar volume issue). Has anyone played with the Auto Wah effects? Has anyone noticed the volume drop? Has anyone been able to eliminate the volume drop? Thanks. :)
  10. A lot would depend on what & where you're wanting to use it. At home, in the studio or in a band situation (rehearsals/gigs/etc.)? At home, I have plugged it straight into a standard HiFi amp and used it like that without problems. Obviously don't have it too loud, or you may damage the speakers. I usually just use it with headphones for practising though. In the studio, just go straight into the desk. For a band situation, you can either plug it into the PA, or use a bass amp. Using a bass amp, send the output from the HD into the Power Amp In, or Effects Return and bypass the pre-amp.
  11. skybone

    Wah Volume Drop

    Well, I have done a search, and I'm sure that the answer is out there, but I can't seem to be able to track it down. So here goes... When I kick in the Wah on my HD500x, there is a discernible volume drop, especially when being used "clean" (no Dist/OD before the Wah). Does anyone know of a way of boosting the signal so that there isn't the volume drop, or without having to engage a signal booster, like a Dist/OD model before the Wah? The Expression pedal is configured so that it switches between the Volume Pedal and the Wah. Is there a way of engaging a signal boost Dist/OD model when you kick in the Wah? I suspect that I'm missing something completely obvious, and I don't use the Wah that often, but it is a little annoying when I do want to use it. Thanks. :)
  12. I also converted from a PODxt Live to a POD HD500x. I copied some patches over (manually), and they sounded good from the off, but still needed a modicum of tweaking to sound great. Some patches sounded pretty poor, and needed a lot of tweaks to sound great, but mostly very subtle and very minor tweaks were required. IMO, the key to setting up the patches, is to approach the unit like you would a new amp. You can set it up like your old amp, but it will sound a bit different, so you need to spend some time tweaking it to get it to sound great. Using the Editor software helps (though most agree that it could be improved - even though it probably won't be at this stage).
  13. I agree with rebuilding the patch on the HD, see how it sounds & go from there.
  14. AFAIK, the xt Live and the X3 were the same size. I think the HD500/500x is as well, as they all seem to be able to fit into the Line6 carry bag. http://store.line6.com/accessories/bags-covers/custom-carry-bag.html The link pretty much confirms it.
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