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Duoverb Head Issues

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Was hoping to get some assistance with a problem my Duoverb just started having.


I purchased the amp in 2003 (if i remember right). It was during Musicians Friend's closeout of this model, and so I was able to snag it for a great price new.  It had a chipset replaced in 05 or 06 under warranty, but other than that it has served me extremely well over the years.  


Recently I started playing with a new band (first time in many years) and for the last couple months everything has been going great.  However the last couple weeks when we get to practice I go to power the amp up all the lights power up like normal.  However, there at least every other time the lights stay on and the amp freezes up.  


Sometimes if the flip the switch rapidly off and it it will jumpstart the amp again, but resetting the amp using A and D preset switches doesn't help any.


Is there anything I should be looking into? What may be happening to cause the problem?  What do I need to do to fix it? or is this an old enough amp that once it kicks the bucket there's nothing I can really do?


Thank everybody in advance for any help.

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Just come across this post although its well over a year old.


I have a similar problem with my Duoverb head. It just froze one day last year. Now only the pilot light comes on. No sound whatsoever from the amp. Left it in the garage for 18 months. Nobody could help and line 6 are the worst amp company I have known for after sales service. I will NEVER EVER buy new line 6 stuff again. They say you have to go to authorised dealers for repair!! Nearest one 0ver 200 miles away. When I rang them they never even heard of a Duoverb!! "Must be an old one" they said, and thats an authorised dealer who put me off further by stating "doubt we could get parts for it"


This weekend I tried it agan, same problem, just the pilot light and no other lights and no sound. Then I tried switching off and on holding down preset D switch. I actually then got sound!! But just a basic flat response amp sound that does not respond to any tone or volume or split or combine switches. Only the master volume. About the same volume as a small practice amp!!  Something not well with it at all!


I cant find anybody who will touch the thing or knows what to do, not even line 6!!


bIding my time now hoping to pick up broken duoverbs and change the pcb's over

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The only thing I can suggest is try cleaning the fx loop jacks with DeOxit. Spray on a patch cable and run it in and out of the jacks. Then do the same for the speaker jacks, inputs, etc. Leaving an amp in a garage for a year and a half can be rough on electronics.


There is a pcb mounted battery that could be changed if you decide to pull the chassis and clean the pots. But usually that is when the user presets no longer can be saved.


The Douverb is a great sounding amp. L

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