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Another Day Another Lollipoppin' Workbench Hd Bug

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Haven't seen this one posted: I was goofing around in Workbench HD tonight and tried changing the body on Spank 1 to a Les Paul body and Spank 1 became "Silence1", lost all sound in that slot til I shut down Workbench.


I know, I know, I can  hear what you are thinking, "Well DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE!" - but this worked in the old workbench and should work on WHD (otherwise why would they give us the option?


Immediately switching Spank 1 back to the Spank body in Workbench did not fix the problem.


Tried switching bodies on a couple others, I think the Lester 1 and T-model 1 and had the same results, no sound output at that position after changing bodies.


Can anyone duplicate this behaviour and confirm it is a bug, or am I overlooking something?

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