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Jtv59 Knob Light Remains Yellow When Switching Models With Workbench Or Hd500

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I have a JTV59 with the new firmware installed. It works fine. But I've noticed a quirk that, as I remember, didn't happen with the old firmware:

When I set up the HD500 to switch the guitar model along with the patch, it will switch to the correct model but the JTV doesn't display the correct patch in its color-coded model knob light. If I want, say, T-model 2, and switch to that model via the HD500, the light on the model knob remains yellow even tho the correct guitar model is sounding. If I switch manually to T-model 2, that light will be blue, as it should be for any position 2 or 4 model. In fact, when I use the software to switch models - this is true of the new Workbench as well - the light remains yellow no matter what model it's on, even tho I might be on a position 2 or 4 model.

If I switch to an HD500 patch that doesn't change the JTV model, i.e. uses its magnetic pups, then the light is off as it should be.

Has anyone else noticed this quirk? Can it be fixed so it responds as the old one did? It's no biggie, but it is convenient to glance down at the knob light and see if you're on the right model (or at least if it pos 1-3-5 or 2-3-4)

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