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Question about volume control

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I just got the spider Iv 75 and it's awesome but I'm having a little bit of trouble getting the volume right it seems like it's either nothing or it's rattling my Windows is there a in between or some sort of adjustment cuz the master is barely turned up and it's blasting so loud my dog runs away

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HI Cdosier90 - this is a problem many people encounter when they purchase a Spider amp because they do not yet understand the 'preset' features.  On some of the factory patches included the channel volume (which is part of the preset parameters) is turned very high.  You should be adjusting these to the level you want, then saving the new settings back to the User Patch location.   If this happens with one of the artist/song patches, and you want to keep the patch (after making the volume adjustment), save it to one of the user locations.

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