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Anyone tried the vocals out?


I have been running through some vocal patches, the miced vocal is pretty good, but the harmony settings are less than useful. I have a boss BR that does them very well so that's no big deal. Interesting that Line 6 incorperated vocals into the pod and I reckon I can use the facility for some vocals. The reverb is very good, much better than the BR unit I have, also I can get better levels using a dynamic mic compared to using it in the Boss. I am running both the guitar and mic ( not together) into a Boss BR80 line level via the Pod HD desktop, the recordings are every bit if not better than using the Boss cosm effects, in fact they are way better and more important, they're easier to work with.


 I don't use the computer for recording but I sometimes use Audacity for a clean up before burning to CD.

I'm what you would call " Old school " where recording is concerned, It's just easier for me..

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