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  1. Anyway. I have a JTV 69, not the best build quality but far from the worst. No issues to speak of, no problems with the neck and no problems with the electronics. I needed to raise the action somewhat as there was some considerable buzzing going on regarding the bottom E and A string. The guitar was bought in the UK 6 months ago for £875 brand new. I like it, but, it does take a little getting used to, you have to play it a little different to a trad guitar. I have reflashed back and forth between 1.9 and 2.00 many times using the dongle thingy with no issues. I must have dropped lucky.
  2. I don't use a POD anymore ,but, that's another story. I hear it and I get the same using a JTV69 direct into a recorder. It occurs on the low strings more than others. I use a plectrum but a very thin one and I use it very lightly. I believe, as has been said, it's down to the nature of the model/attack. It happens on the other reso position but not as pronounced, you are not alone.
  3. When I reflashed to 2.0 all strings were 0db. The bottom E and A were way to loud so they went down to -6, and yes I didn't notice much difference till I got down to .6db. However I may need to bring them up to -5 , but, nothing may change.
  4. Hi there. Have you looked in this thread? http://line6.com/support/topic/3508-apparently-this-is-how-its-supposed-to-sound-i-think-its-unusable-id-appreciate-second-opinions/
  5. And, make sure the VDI cable is connected properly to the guitar. I have had a few experiences where the connection ( guitar end ) can be a little problematic, mainly due to the cover and slight angle of the connection in the guitar. It should click in but sometimes needs a little bit more force, but not to much which could cause damage.
  6. Well. I changed the strings on the 69 last night ( same gauge D'Addario EXP 10's and it sounded horrendous using 2.0, all the strings were way off balance with some other strange noises as well. I rolled back to 1.9 and it sounded dead compared to 2.0 before the string change. This afternoon I re-flashed back to 2.0, not once but twice, I followed the new instructions and now everything is back to normal and sounds fine. When re-flashing I hear a click type sound from the guitar that occurs a couple of times during the re-boot. Last time I re-flashed to 2'0 I turned the models on, this time I left the switch off. last time I wasn't 100% happy and did not hear the click sound either. It seems whatever it was is now fixed and the strings have now become evenly balanced without addressing workbench. Also, when I connected to workbench for the first time. 60 things? were downloaded from the guitar to workbench automatically with no input from me, I have no idea what these 60 things were? So it seems, as far as re-flashing goes, it pays to do it more than once.
  7. I know where Blue Brain is coming from as I have tried everything too. It now seems more are hearing it. It matters not to me anymore because the units up the road but it is interesting and I knew I wasn't alone when I first heard it. I don't use computers for music production, just my Roland boss standalone recorder, the HD was Line in. I didn't get around to using it through my amp because that's not what I wanted it for.
  8. Most of the above concerning the list I don't have to think about, just plug the guitar in turn the amps up and bobs your uncle, very simple. Live, the sound chap set the mic up and the whole show went through the PA, I just did the usual thing, play. I do think and having owned many ancient valve amps that less is more, the biggest amp I owned was a Roost Session master from 1976 which was 100 watts it had a few more knobs to twiddle, the Ac 30 from the 60's had a few too, but these were relatively simple beasts and once sorted they stayed sorted. Most of them since have been 15 watts or less which I find to be on the money. I can pretty well play anywhere with these very simple amps/ combos. No matter what I did with the HD I knew it would not be able to cut it even without the crossover distortion, but I had a go. There will always be arguments between the digital crowd and the tube/valve fanatics. I went to a hi fi event down in Windsor at the weekend and the bitchin about valves v digital was loud, clear and very vocal towards who's right and who's wrong. The answers probably blowing in the wind. Me, I have never really used digital amps apart from a Line 6 spider which I bought and sold two weeks later, but I thought lets give them another try. Like I say. The Variax is quite a nice guitar, it still has the digital thing about it, but it's very versatile for what I am up to now. In my opinion the HD isn't, which is a shame. Maybe I should of gone with the stripped down 300 version instead. but it's to late now.
  9. Well I disagree. Most of the valve amps I have owned needed hardly any tweaking, in fact most them had just a volume and tone control some had no tone control at all. The only one that had a gain control was the tiny terror. Most of these amps were very old but even now I have my recent AC 4 which has only volume and tone. I'm not sure whether the HD stuff is not a toy but it seemed like one to me. I have the JTV 69 and although it sounded reasonable through the HD, when I plugged it into the amp, no effects, the guitar came alive, this same effect happened when I plugged in the Joyo pedal. With the HD it all sounded like a digital mess to be quite honest what with the crossover distortion? and all that. I just don't think Line 6 nail it, in fact no one nails it. The true valve sound I believe cannot be modeled as yet and possibly cannot ever be. Like I say though I am not young, grew up with valves and have stuck with them until this recent experiment, but it's back to analogue for me. It's strange though that the digital variax sounds real good straight through a valve amp but not so good through it's digital companion. Confused.
  10. hey BlueBrain. having spent about 3 hours with the Joyo pedal, I seem to have found a little jem. Dead easy, no tweaking for hours on end, it cost £30 and It sounds great for recording. I just plug it direct, line in into the Boss unit as it has it's own modeling engine. It has a very nice tube sound too. Being analogue it can get a very hissy on very very high gain but the pedal is very versatile and for £30 quid it's a no brainer. I have a Vox AC4 and the little pedal is quite close. The pedal is a clone of the Liverpool pedal originally by Tech 21. Since having the HD, I seemed to come to a standstill forever messing about with it instead of actually doing something useful. To many options for me.
  11. I have the same issue and find it unacceptable, I have now sold the unit after only 3 months. I got a joyo ac tone and it way ahead and it's analogue. I am a tube man through and through so I knew it was going to be difficult. I spoke to Blue Brain about it, he like me tried all sorts of fixes to no avail. Shame but there you go. Having had Line 6 stuff in the past I should of known better but hey. On another note I do have the JTV 69 which so far has been reasonably ok
  12. Same for me as regards their answers, everything has been checked. Mines HD bean) three weeks old so the warranty stands. I will call them this week.. BlueBrain. Send me your details including support ticket number please and who you spoke to. Did they listen to the clip? And, has anyone on here experienced the http://line6.com/support/topic/2420-distorted-distortion/ phenomenon even if they think it's normal? Regards OH.
  13. I believe you mate. I have spent many years with vintage valve amps and have had nothing to do with the digital world for many years until recently. I think the potential is there with this technology but not the way I'm hearing it at the moment. If that is how it's supposed to be then there is something very wrong, like you, I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. It can't just be the two units on the whole forum can it? I had a Spider combo many years ago which went out the door as fast as it came in, I do hope this Pod does not end up going the same way?
  14. Cheers. I will open a ticket or call Line 6 Rugby UK ( Just down the road from me) when you report back with their response, unless they have an easy, do-able, fix at home solution that is?.... May I ask,..... Are you from the UK Blue Brain? When did you get the pod? I got mine ( desktop) two weeks ago from 'Sounds live'
  15. I have just updated the firmware again and it's still there. As Blue Brain has pointed out some may not hear the distortion but having had my ears irrigated yesterday and having an already acute sense of hearing I can hear it. My hearing is that sensitive that I had my Les Paul sent to a tech for tuning problems that were not even present to the tech, in fact he deduced that there was nothing wrong with the guitar and my hearing was to sensitive to tuning. But this is a different matter concerning the Pod.
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