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l6t presets plain settings

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Hello everybody,


I have recently bought a POD X3 and am currently looking for some cool custom presets. I already searched a lot on the internet and everything leads to Line6 CustomTone, with thousands of examples in l6t-format.


Unfortunately, these files are hard to open on my Apple computer (OSX El Capitan) and I don't prefer to load them directly in my POD.

Missing parameter settings for stripped versions of PodFarm (plus I get error messages) and the full version is quite expensive. Gearbox is old and cannot be installed on my OSX...


So far, I haven't found a way to open the files properly. And actually I am not really interested in the graphical display of amps or additional software on my computer. I only like to see the (plain) custom preset parameters, like:


Amp: Treadplate dual (Drive: 58%, Bass: 10%, Mid:45%, Treble: 58%, Presence: 58%, Volume: 100%) etc. etc.


Then I can apply them myself in the POD, which seems like much more fun to me. Is it possible to extract this information from the files only or are there maybe other sites sharing this information for (lots of) presets?


Hoping to hear from you.

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unfortunately there aren't many places that are going to list just numerical values, perhaps you can find an older computer that you can download gearbox onto for testing?

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