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Podhd500 Not Controlling My Jtv-89f

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Hey guys - 


I have the PodHD500 with latest firmware updates, and Variax JTV-89F with latest firmware updates.


I have my PODHD500 input 1 - Variax and input 2 - Variax Mags.  My Pod recognizes I have a JTV Variax and I can see the models switch as I change them on the guitar.


I have the variax set to "Presets" (not Global).  I have it also "Unlocked" - I may want to override it if the live ambience requires it.


I have set Tunings to "Custom".  I have one song I need drop D tuning for.


I went through each of my presets, chose my desired model/pickup, and hit Save.  When I connect the HD500 Edit software it recognizes them and displays them properly.


So now, with my modeling turned on with the guitar (knob is lit) and I switch from preset to preset - it doesn't change.  At first I thought it was my imagination until I got to the song with Drop D.  I tuned to Drop D - Save.  Move off the preset - back to standard tuning.  Hit the preset for drop D- I'm still in standard tuning.


VDI cable is brand new - took it out of the casing yesterday.






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