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Pod XT Live with Duoverb

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Greetings all, 


I have a Duoverb head that I have used for probably 13 years as my primary amp.  I am about to purchase a Pod XT Live and was wondering about compatibility.


Primarily, I was wanting to know if I could utilize the Midi capabilities of the XTL to control the amp settings on the Duoverb, thereby making my FBV4 pedal unnecessary. This way, I could push on Bank 1, A and it sets the amp and the pedal to their respective settings.  Push 1, B and it change both, etc.  I know both the head and pedal have midi, its just been way too long since I have gone in depth with midi.  


Please help me figure out what possibilities I have with this exciting new (to me) combination.


Thanks in advance

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The XTLs do send program change values out via midi so you might have to break out the manual for both. The Duoverb has the midi ref in the manual section 5-1. Only drawback of an XTL vs say Art X-15 or FCB1101 would be programming specific CCs as the midi values are not configurable AFAIK on the XTL. But there is no reason it can't bark its present values at the head. :)

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