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Unexpected big buzz appearing!! Help!


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3 times now I have had an unexpected big buzz during live


Sounds like a boat horn Everyone in the theatre was laying down flat ! And it won't go away till I step on the tuner/mute.

So here is the set up:


Wire less line 6

Into hd500x

Direct Line out from xlr L and R.

Happened 3 times on a patch that has 2 amps overdriven tones.

Not the same patch

Happened with hd500 two times and changed it to the brand new hd500x and happened again last night.

Both with there respective power supply.


I love what I can do with this but I might have to get something else.

Can somebody had to resolve this problem?


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Man that must be embarrassing.


If it is different patches on two different HDs then certainly the wireless would be a contender. (battery power loss would be my guess)


Otherwise check for too high a level in the patch for internal digital clipping.


The trick is to somehow reproduce the noise in private and isolate the cause.


Good luck

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Thanks Urghanico!

Yes this is the closest solution as I guess your right.

But I'm pretty sure that my firm ware is updated to the latest. I will check for sure.

First time this appeared is in 2014 with a much older firmware.

Happened this summer and this weekend with the latest I'm pretty sure.


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