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  1. Can someone help with my noisy setup ? i have a helix going 4 CM with a DSL 100 h. it is making a big hum specifically through lead channel. ( drive from marshals own distortions) Gtr going to helix Guitar in. out from send 1 to amp guitar input ( at that stage the hum is made) out from amp loop send to helix return 1 out from helix 1/4 output to amp return. Then I plug my gtr straight to amp guitar input and leave the effect loop in and out with helix ,and it’s fine ! So the hum is at the stage before amp input in the helix. Note that no block at all is in that helix patch. Totally blank patch. how come ? how could I fix this? thanks
  2. Hi every one, Thanks for being there in these situations... I'm on a tour and my helix is getting older every shows . The joy stick under the bypass and action button is dead. That means there is no way to activate a block or modify , edit any sound directly on the HX floor is no more possible. It's a big problem. It's not on warranty anymore. Is this problem occur often ? how did you fixed it ? Thanks !!
  3. Just to specify that This was with firmware G70 v 1.03 back then. I just did the update to 1.05
  4. When the round led light flashes , I see also a " No TX" on the screen. This cause that no signal is being transmitted or simply no more sound... Or simpler then that : Mute Gtr during live performances !!!! I though it was the sleeping mode engaged. But I dot think so cause I had to sot down and re power the belt pack for it to work. Very bad and it happened twice. How and why ? Thnaks
  5. Hey !! Just to show some love and say that the 2.50 update is the one I needed to satisfy my needs ! First the Friedman BE100 is my main amp for my crush, drive and lead sound. It's everything I wanted in an amp. Despite that it is a pretty hi gain amp, I manage to clean it up to do a nice crunch bluesy sound with an Eq before but I wish that a cleaner channel of this amp would be added soon. The new reverbs are perfect for my Floyd shows and I'm happy to see my old Hd 500 vintage echo: tube, tape, multi head and all those "Legacy"FX being back in this new Helix. Bravo guys at line 6 !!
  6. And in the same kind of idea, I have feed my tube amp's return input with an helix amp model and the sound is near 90% what I like but I started to play with Eq's to get rid of a 3K peak that I think would come from the process of a Power amp into power amp. Could it be ? (I know it's best to use preamps for that mather but 2 or 3 reasons tells me to go with the full amp model. )
  7. Thanks guys for your thoughts and ideas ! I'm like Peter said here, since I work exclusively with ribbon mics, I get less of a "zoo" or "zee" sound. More open neutral and natural sounding. Even, my dry center source is my DT50 mic'ed up with a 421 and 57 and at the mixing board I was challenge to get a sound as good as the Helix, unless I spend several minutes to move mics around to get a sweet spot that will say " Hey ! I'm the real tube amp here !! "
  8. Bravo !!! Bravo !!! Amazing ! Nice tone and any body mentioned you playing and composition ? It'S all about the music !! Keep going man !
  9. Thanks, Radatats, Nice solution !! I will try it with anther preset. For my main presets is like this : I'm using Amp 1 on Path 1A going to 2A a( being my Left side) And Amp 2 on 2B so they are on separate Path for DSP allowing , and for stereo panning. This is why it's quite complicated cause both path are already in parallel and my spit appears before the amp to get it panned. Anyhow I could upload a pix of my routing to see if there is any other way to achieve what I want for my direct and sending to DT. I know FRFR cab will solve this in 3 sec... But does it sounds as good ??
  10. Hi ! Thanks for this great community ! I finaly tuned up my DT 50 as totally neutral to be able to run Helix into this amp by the FX return. I'm asking you guys, 1-- Is any FRFR cab like : XiTone, Freidman, CLR, you name it, will bring this much joy and tone that my DT amp is giving me right now with Helix ( no cab sim) ? If yes ? tell me cause the Helix / DT amp is hard to beat. ( Tell me what FRFR will tone as good, Ill buy it ) 2-- The only problem i see is that once I got my patch with IR been bypassed for DT, I can no longer go direct to the board since my IR's are off. The way I love my patch for direct is Dual amp with dual IR's, in stereo panned at the output and amp/IR 1 is on path 1A and amp 2 is on 2B for panning L-R. See why it is complicated to run DT amp AND IR's to direct. I wish helix could disable cab sim going to an amp but keeping it able for direct. Any suggestions for my Q 1 and Q 2 ? Thanks
  11. Thanks Digital Igloo!! Hope your not too cold in there!! Your solutions are exactly what I expected but did not know how to do it !! This is a bullseye solution post!!! Bravo!!
  12. Did just that and it's not what I expected... I wanted hard pan on L side the Fender amps truly separated of the R side with the Marshall tone. This is a blend of the two amps together equally spread on the stereo bus. The only way to do that ( of my very little experience) is to have an one amp on path 1a and one amp on path 2a with each of those path with its guitar input. Is that correct? Is there a better way to achieve that ?
  13. This would be ideal but not sure the clean fender would be hard pan to left and marshal hard pan to Right... I will re try. Thanks !!!
  14. Hi all I have been to all factory presets and did not heard any true stereo dual amps like in my old hd 500 Let say : Starting with a single mono line with comp dist... splitting to L side on a plexi and the R side in a Whowatt then merging to a stereo line adding only stereo delay and reverb to LR output. Could not find a way to do this with true L and R dual amp setup with stereo delay ... Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Thanks Peter! Ok now so considering all those adavises is that possible to get a template the best dsp power using dual amps and fx before and after amps blocks? At first, where a got the dsp overload, I had almost nothing, juste two amps and an overdrive pedal.
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