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I will try to be brief. In attempting to back up my presets on my PC, the Device Manager shows me an error code when I connectthe Helix. It says, "device cannot start (code 10)". It goes on to report: Status Device Data Error. All other USB connected devices including printers, external hard drives, and the like are easily recognized and function appropriately. Has anyone else in counter this? Any suggestions?

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Now at this point I would uninstall the drivers for Helix from your computer.


Go to device manager. 


Under "view" choose show hidden devices.

This will show you lingering usb protocols.  Now under USB...All of the grey ones you can right click "uninstall", if the option is available. The lighter grey ones are for things not connected, and they will automatically install once you re-connect the various devices.


Now re-install the drivers (following Line 6's instructions), making sure they are up to date.


Try again.


Report back

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