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Just purchased the firehawk fx, the app for Android said I needed to update the firmware on the pedal to be able to edit the sound from the app.

I plug the pedal into my pc and use the line 6 update software, but it gives me no device to select... so I use my android to update the firmware, and the pedal freezes during update.

Now the pedal says load error 21, it won't let me do a factory reset, it won't respond to my android, and it won't show up on my pc.

I have a very expensive paper weight now.

I've looked all over and can't get any good answers.

Please help, I really like this pedal,

But if I can't figure it out, it will have to be returned

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I had the same issue. I was able to resolve it by:

1. Using a different computer

2. Using a different USB cable

3. Doing the 1.1 update before the 1.2 update

4. Re-trying a bunch of times


I'm not sure which of these helped, but I was glad it got resolved.

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