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Line 6 Scam

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I will not be buying or using line 6 gear due to being robbed out of $200 at the time I believe it was for Guitarport and Riffsworks Rifftracker. I own both items and should be able to record and make music for with them for eternity. I recently tried to use these items again only to see that I can not create tracks in Rifftracker due to it being unsupported now. Guitarport and Rifftracker is on a cd rom so I can't believe I can't use it because it was sync'ed with online features like custom user tones. So they make it where nobody can use rifftracker now because of some online features that were optional? This is very bad business. How am I supposed to have faith when I buy a line 6 product that it will work after a set number of years because they decide to cut off support then force users to buy a newer product. What a racket.

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