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Amplifi tt - terrible digital buzz tones versus mobile pod; thick fat distortions.....


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What gives?


I had a pod hd500 and dt 25 and got tone in between.

The dt channel IV on its own waa great. Emulate this on the pod - and it sucked tone.

Cleans not warm.

So sold it all and gave up...


BUT - a year ago I bought an iloud speaker and use the mobile pod (free!!!!) and it sounds AWESOME. Thick tones. Just fat and juicy.


So - last week I bought a line 6 wireless mic (not anti live 6 I hope this shows) and went - stuff it - bought the Amplifi tt and a express pedalboard (the 4 button one) going - they've finally got times great.


But I'm back to super digital sounding buzzy distortions. All of them.


Some of the overdrives are ok - but still digital.


Any comments here?


I'm running through the clean channel of a Marshall jtm 60 - but get the same result through my pa


Having said that - my black star hit Dual pedal with a valve in it is sane super fat through the emulated output into the mixer. No digital here other than the emulated output. Just writing this as a comparison.


Id be interested in any feedback. The sounds I'm getting as both the factory presets and off the Amplifi app are unusable they're that bad.


Back to my mobile pod / iloud.

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