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Favorite Efects Pedals


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I'm really very happy with the new update 2.10 and the new amp models Line 6 Litigator and the Archetype Clean , based on the clean channel of the PRS Archon.. But I am so loving the KWB distortion pedal. The tone's from this pedal are amazing and have a distinct rock/ tone and many options, fits in so nice with the new amp models!! Also sounds great with the Red Squeeze/Mxr-Dyna comp in front of the chain some added EQ s and sometimes the LA Comp at the end of the chain...etc etc.. Really having a blast with this pedal and the Helix in general.  Had to post amazing ..  :)


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Great pedal, agreed!


FYI, it's modeled after an original boutique pedal by Ben Adrian, the same guy who does most of the modeling in Helix.

Ahh interesting thanks for the info Zooey! Great pedal @benadrian, love the KWB has a sweet distortion tone! 

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