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DT25 Kudos

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I've had my DT25 Head & 2 Cabs for a couple (maybe 3) years now. Recently however, due to our regular gig in a small pub venue and limited space in the van, I have been playing directly through the (Line 6) PA via the HD500. Sounds ok, no real complaints. Last Friday however, we had a gig at a larger venue and out came the DT25 ...... what a pleasant experience again. This amp is just beautiful. There is nothing else on the marketplace that does exactly what this amp does especially if you front end it with an HD500 with the L6 Link. I am totally satisfied to own this rig. I think I should start shopping for another head since I have the two cabs? It will be a sad day when they discontinue these amps. At least for now the DT25 is still available and on their website.

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