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  1. Hi there. I installed the most recent update, and suddenly Cubase has decided this is a 32-bit app. It is now blacklisted. If I remove it from the blacklisted apps, Cubase crashes. I'm on a Mac, running OS Mojave. I had no issues with previous versions of Native. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi there I was wondering if anyone who is using the Helix with the DT25 had any advice on selecting the best topology from one of the new Helix amps, such as the Litigator? Thank you
  3. To be honest I haven't tried that so I'll have some time tomorrow and will do so. Thanks
  4. There still should be some indication from the MXR pedal with the meter indicating that compression is being applied. I set the pedal to its most extreme settings so I should have seen some indication there. I've tested the leads and they seem fine, but I might swap them out for others and see if the result changes.
  5. Hi guys Thanks for the replies. Definitely set to instrument level and connected to the correct ins and outs. All the best!
  6. Hi there I have an MXR Studio Compressor pedal, so thought I would try it in the effects loop. This pedal has a meter on it to display compression. When placed in the effects loop it is adding volume to the signal but the meter does not move, no matter how much I play with the settings on the pedal or how hard I hit the guitar. Taking it out of the loop and plugging it straight into the pedal it functions as it should again. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!
  7. scotty_burford

    DT 25

    Can't say anything about the Firehawk, but the DT is a terrific amp on its own, with pedals in front of it or when combined with the HD500. With a workaround it is also great with the Helix.
  8. Try the full amp models. I was always stuck on the idea of having to use preamp models to connect to the DT25, and they sounded OK but a little thin. I switched to using the full models from the Helix into the DT and it sounded amazing. I blanked out the modelling in the DT on Channel B (plenty of discussion on how to do that elsewhere on here). I played with MIDI to change topologies etc but for the last few gigs I ended up creating patches where I set everything to Voicing IV, no matter what amp I was using. That worked pretty well too - judging by the compliments from sound guys on my tones. Here's a demo of using the Helix with the DT25 like this (along with my Tim pedal - I still prefer it and the Butler Tube Driver to the modelled versions).
  9. I've been using my DT-25 head with a Helix (and a real Butler Tube Driver and Tim pedal for drives) over the past few months. I've been fortunate enough to play some pretty big gigs recently and had some very encouraging feedback from guys who actually know what they are on about. The DT is such a good amp!
  10. Fully agree there - wish Line 6 would do something about it.
  11. I'm using my Helix with the DT25 as suggested by others on here; I blanked out Channel B in the DT and then used MIDI cables to change voicing, class and mode. I think it works really well.
  12. Hi there When I'm recording a more 'formal' video, I record the guitar into Cubase. Depending on the track I will strike the muted strings or use the count-in from Cubase or a track. I record video onto a Gopro. Once finished I mix the track down and export it. The video is edited in Final Cut Pro X and I use the percussive strikes or count-ins to line up the video from Cubase with the audio track the Gopro has captured, and then I mute the Gopro audio.
  13. With my archtop I normally use a Fender Deluxe, roll off bass and treble and pump the mids. It works really well for the bop/post-bop tone.
  14. I put together some patches for a gig last night using amps instead of preamps. Huge difference in sound. Thank you for your advice
  15. Thank you. It's 1am here now so I won't try the helix and DT25 together just now. But tomorrow I'll try some patches with full amp models and see how they sound.
  16. Hi there I recently followed the advice of others and blanked out the DTs preamp configurations, leaving only the power amp section functioning. I created some patches using just the preamp version. At home in my music room they have sounded fantastic. I worked up some patches for a show I am filling in for over the next few weeks and took the Helix and DT to a rehearsal last night. Some of the patches sounded incredibly thin at that volume - nothing like the patches at home. I am well aware of the Fletcher Munson effect etc. I tried changing some of the sounds on the fly - on one I rolled the treble off completely and boosted the mids and bass and it still didn't make that much difference. Has anyone else experienced this? Would using a full amp model add more depth/weight/tone/nice stuff with this setup? Should I place an EQ after the preamp in the Helix and introduce some more body into the signal that way? Does the relationship between Helix master volume and DT master volume have any pronounced effect on the tone? Someone has suggested leaving the Helix fully open and using the DT master to control the level. Should the DT master be turned up to make the power amp stage work harder? Thanks
  17. Entirely possible - and it is not without precedent. Jim Marshall and the Fender Bassman and maybe early Mesa Boogies being influenced by Fender designs as well - though happy to be corrected on that.
  18. I'm not sure there, but if it is indeed a Dumble model of some description I have no idea how they are designed with such things. I have been in the same room as one only once - when I saw Larry Carlton. I have owned a Twin before and this is similar but I think a little more rounded than that.
  19. I think it is one of the best amp models I have heard from Line 6. This is the default preset from the amp with a tiny bit of reverb and delay added. Just fantastic stuff.
  20. Yep. Chad has donated a huge amount of time to the Helix community and been more than generous in offering advice and giving practical support to others. But he also has to make a living. I don't begrudge him of that in the slightest.
  21. Yep happy to concede that may well be the case. For me, I prefer the pedals and feel I can get a better tone with them and find them to be superior, but it is only my opinion.
  22. I'm not a fan of modelled overdrives - on the Helix or anything else I have tried. I own a Tim pedal, Butler Tube Driver and a Dunlop Fuzz Face and think the physical pedals are all far superior. Of course some people say there is no difference, so your thoughts could be entirely different to mine after you run the tests.
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