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  1. Hi I actually use several pedals with the POD HD500 and they sound fantastic. Some I had for many years before the HD500 came along, others I bought since. The HD500 interacts really well with them.
  2. Hi guys I have had my setup for quite a while and never experienced this before. When connecting the POD HD500 to the DT-25 the volume has dropped significantly. Plugging straight into the amp still have volume and punch; using the HD500 sounds thin and lifeless, even with the DT master volume on full. It should be taking my head off with the master up that high. I have checked through my POD and I haven't made any changes. I have tried different effect, banks and set lists to overcome the issue - all to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys Arislaf - not yet. I swapped them over, tried it and was going to take it to a tech/friend's place today for him to check the bias for me. If the bias was out would that actually stop it from making a sound? I didn't think it would, but happy to be wrong in this.
  4. Guys I was setting up to do some studio work and the volume died after a minute or so. The valves have been making a few crackling noises and one no longer glowed so I just figured replacing that would be the thing. Swapped out the power amp valves. Both new ones glow nicely - but there is absolutely no sound at all. Swapped the fuse just in case there was an issue there (didn't seem to be but I did it anyway). Have tried different cables, speakers and speaker leads - still nothing. Any other ideas? I have a lot of studio work coming in the next fortnight as well as a few gigs and this is the only amp I currently own. Last time I checked the closest official repairman in Australia was 1000 km away - so can't send it there given y time restraints. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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