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  1. I bought a couple of packs from Ownhammer. Some are really very decent. Gain structure and the pedal in question will vary greatly from one player to the next - so playing around wiht settings for yourself will be very helpful.
  2. I haven't tried the USB out, but I imagine the principle is the same. So I think for that you'll get the best results from using an amp and cab or amp and 3rd party impulse response. I have been using the pedals in the fx loop. For some pedals playing around with levels (both the XF loop and the pedal itself) could be worthwhile. If the gain is too high I have found I get an awful fizz over everything - and I hate fizz.
  3. What are you connecting it to? I have a DT25 that I connect to the Helix via line 6 link - for that I use the preamps. I've shot some demo videos for a local music shop using the Helix with an amp model and Ownhammer impulse responses going into Cubase via XLR and they seemed to work quite well too.
  4. Hey Sam I use a Butler Tube Driver and a Tim pedal with the Helix - and used both the the HD500 before that. I've found the best results come from not having the gain too high if the pedal has a lot of output (which the Tube Driver does). Depending on the guitar and pickups, playing with the impedance can make a difference too.
  5. I've found the Facebook group that you are referring to to be pretty helpful and I haven't felt pressure to join the premium group.
  6. I tried integrating the DT with the Helix yesterday but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. Any advice would be most gratefully received as I have a few shows coming up in the next week and I need this sorted. I've been using a Vox AC15 and small pedalboard for recent gigs but I have some shows where I need what the Helix offers in terms versatility. Anyway enough of my babble on that. I tried going through the steps mentioned here to remove all unwanted parameters from the DT. I'm not sure if I got it right or not. I've taken a screen shot of DT Edit as seen here https://goo.gl/photos/pokxmsZct7oNodyN6 My questions are: 1. Do I worry about the preamp setting at all, or is that being handled by the Helix? The patch I was experimenting with is built using a Bassman, so voicing 2 is correct for that from memory with the POD HD500. 2. Topology 2 is selected in the power amp section, yet when my DT amp is showing topology 1 as being active. When I changed this setting on my amp it sounded awful and became a distorted mess. Not sure what to do here, nor what I have done wrong. 3. How does the master volume on the DT relate to the volume on the Helix in this setup? 4. How does this setup differ from the template offered in the Helix for DT25-50 integration via Line 6 link? Thank you for your time
  7. Thank you very much for your help and your effort in creating these
  8. Thank you. So would these be placed in the IR block after the amp, after the speaker...or load them into a DAW when recording?
  9. Hi there I bought one of the Ownhammer packed and it suggests the following: To replicate this sound, following the cabinet IR loader add an EQ with a parametric bell curve set to -3 dB at 400 Hz. Adjust the Q/bandwidth to roughly where the edges of the curve start to make the initial cut around 100 Hz on the low side and 2 kHz on the high side. I'm not sure how to set the parametric eq in Helix to replicate these settings and was wondering if anyone else had done so..and if they had if they could kindly tell me how to set it please? Thanks!
  10. Hi Gary Thank you for this video. I've just received the Helix and I am keen to try this with my DT25. If I may - and sorry if it is a dumb question - following your guideline does this permanently disable the DT's internals settings or is it only on a patch-by-patch basis, and once the Helix is disconnected the amp reverts back to its original state? I use the DT by itself for recording sometimes and would like to retain that functionality if I can. Thanks for your time
  11. Hey guys I'm interested in the Helix but before I commit I'd love to hear some examples of how it sounds with the DT series of amps. I love the DT-25 and have no intention of getting rid of it. The HD500 I don't mind letting go...it has been a love/hate relationship with the thing to be honest. If anyone has recorded some examples and can post a link or two I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much.
  12. Maybe I am cynical, but they will want to make the Helix sound great in comparison to the 500. Sean's HD500 ones are normally much better than that!
  13. Hey guys, If you are interested in finding out a release date for Australia send me a private message and I'll find out. I work for a music shop in Sydney and have just been discussing Line 6 products with the Australian distributor yesterday.
  14. HI Martin Thank you so much for taking the time to write that down for me. I was wondering if I could trouble you for some screen shots (assuming you are using HD Edit) with placement of amps etc on Path A and B as per steps 3, 4 and 8. if not, I understand and really appreciate your help. All the best
  15. Thanks Martin So if I may; how do you then use the channel mixer in conjunction with all of this?
  16. Hi Martin How do you do these measurements? All the best
  17. I own a VOX AC15 as well - I have been using that live while trying to figure this out. Hopefully I'll have a couple of days this week and will go through everything from guitars, power sources, leads and the amp to try and nut it out. The rig has been great for almost 4 years now, so hopefully I can get sort it out. Thanks for your help
  18. Hi Not high gain at all. I'm mainly playing blues and classic rock tunes at the moment, with the amp going from a cleanish just starting to break up to overdrive achieved by running the power amp section up full.
  19. Hi Thanks for the replies Yes I have a DMX cable. Cable is good from other testing. I also tried a Planet Waves XLR - same thing. Oh well....
  20. Hey guys I have recently started experiencing a lot of noise from the POD HD500 when connecting into my DT25 via Line 6 link. Never experienced this before. It sounds like an earthing issue. The POD then adds all sorts of hiss and crap to the DT. DT by itself sounds as good as ever. Has anyone else experienced this and any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks
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