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  1. The DT Edit software shows you exactly what's going on inside the amp so you can adjust the POD accordingly. The HD500X edit software lets you see some parameters that don't appear in the POD screen.
  2. I downloaded and installed the DT Edit software. What a great tool. It shows for the most part what's going on in the DT50 Head. I was able to dial in most of the parameters, but there a few that are showing in the DT Editor that don't show up on the POD The ones that don't show up on the POD are 1.) Tight/Smooth. 2.) PIV High/PIV Low, 3.) AX7 boost on or off. I was able to get them sounding reasonably close.
  3. I have tried many many different configurations pre amp only, power amp only, cab simulation on, cab simulation off different global assignments etc. Aside from having two amps to AB with two cabinets side by side the only other way to AB real time would be to have the pod assigned to turn on and off through patches. probably having one patch being midi with no amp simulation or effects just the amp and then another patch being controlled by the POD. I will have to look in to that and see what I can find. I don't remember where I read it, but the DT series topologies have cabinet simulations associated with them in addition to other tweaks. If that's the case it would be good to know so that I could duplicate the exact parameters in the POD. I may have to download the DT editor and look to see what's going on with the DT50.
  4. Thanks for the response. People have previously posted that they are able to duplicate the sound of the DT 50 using the POD HD500X connected to the DT50 with the L6 link. That is the original reason I purchased the POD HD500X. I want to be able to setup an a/b comparison so that I can attempt to tweak the POD HD500X in to the DT50 with a Line 6 link. Allegedly the preamps on the POD simulations are supposed to be identical to those in the DT50. In channel A I would like to use the POD/L6 Link/DT50 In channel B just the amp as if nothing were connected to it. The issue is that I am running in to is that when the POD/L6/DT50 is connected, Channel B does not sound the same as when the POD/L6/DT50 is not connected and I'm using channel from the DT50 alone. I want to be able to a/b them by instantly hitting a button. Is there a way to do this by A.)using POD alone with either patch/global/settings or B.)using a POD together with a foot switch Something in the configuration of the POD is not allowing this at least not easily with the knowledge that I have. It would also be nice to have the exact amp/cabinet/mic settings on the DT50 so that I can use them as a starting point to create a patch. Additionally any other global and patch parameters would be nice. I have read so many different things on the forums that it makes my head spin. Thanks again.
  5. I know this topic has been posted ad infinitum for years though I've never really seen it answered in a way that was laid out like a flowchart. I have read tons of forum posts for years from both camps. "The HD500X will sound exactly the amp once you get the settings correct" or "there is no correct use yours ears as a guide" and then "the DT sounds much better and no matter what I do the HD500X does not sound like the amp." I've tried so many variations of things to try and get the sounds identical, but it's a no go. I'm wondering if there is a way I can ab the DT50 alone with the HD500X line 6 link connected. Channel A set to line HD500x and channel B amp alone. This way I can ab them in a split second through the same setup with out having to have 2 DT heads and cabinets. When I use the line 6 link now and set a no amp patch to channel B it does not sound like the amp, but more like the HD500x. I did the mute channel B in the mixer thing and played around with infinite variations. I know that it has been mentioned before that if you want to use channel B "you're just not getting the DT-POD interaction". I just want to AB them in a split second so I can tweak them to sound the same. If too much time elapses between using the line 6 link and direct the moment is gone. Can someone provide exact settings as far as what the actual amp topologies from the DT correspond with the HD500x. I don't just mean IV is a Treadplate or Rectifier. I mean specifics like to get the identical sound from the HD500x line 6 link to the DT you need to do this choose this model with this cabinet emulation and this mic setting, change these 3 things in the global settings, change this in the mixer section etc and so on and so on. What I've seen so far is people mentioning pre amp models vs full models etc regular mode vs lvm etc, but nothing is clear cut. Answers are all over the place. Videos are few and far between . I understand the difference in an amp when pushing the power section vs pushing the pre amp, but the there is something severely missing in the equation.I saw a video awhile back where the poster writes it's identical, but I could easily hear the compression difference even through youtube on a laptop. I can't understand why after all these years there has not been a single concise clear do this do that thing. I build tube amps and I can tell you that if I change a resistor or capacitor value it will sound exactly like this or that every single time. It might be a lot to ask, but I'm sure it would be appreciated by many including myself.
  6. I haven't used my DT 50 head with the HD500X in a while. I noticed when using set lists Line 6 link or any of them that the toplogies don't switch on the amp. If the channel A is set to toplogy II then its stays that way regardless of the patch chosen. I remember previously that I could visibly see on the DT50 that the amp would change from I to IV based on the patch chosen. I flashed both the amp and the pod. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  7. I have a DT50 and it sounds great either through the input or effects loops of a POD.
  8. I just recently purchase a Friedman BE-OD Pedal. It's an unbelievable pedal that acts more like an amp than a pedal. Play it through one of the clean topologies and it takes care of two of the weaker points of the DT50 which is channel witching(clicking between topologies) and a good Plexi sound. Some of you might one to check one out if you can. The pedal is not cheap($200.00) but if if you have ever heard a Friedman amp you will know what I'm referring to. It's that good!
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