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Line 6 Xd-v30l With Guitar

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Hi to everybody... just 2 short question.

Can I connect a guitar to a line 6 xd-v30l ? I think yes but i don't know because the unit expect a signal  balanced and the guitar tone is unbanced. does this solution work ?. 


the second one is if is possibile to use the balanced signal as 2 different signal for wireless(a stereo trasmission). I would use this unit to send 2 different signal from my guitar: the magnetics signal from the pickup and the piezo for the acoustic tone and when exit to the unit from XLR i split it 1 to the guitar amp and the other to the mixer. is it possibile? 


Thank you very much!


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The inputs to all Line 6 beltpack transmitters are not balanced. You just plug a standard guitar cable into the V30's input. The only real difference is that the V30 receiver does not have cable tone modeling so you may need to adjust the treble on your amps down a bit.


Stereo requires two complete systems.

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