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(Help) Trying to emulate DAW tone; missing BOSS SD-1

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As title says, trying to emulate the tone I use in my DAW (using Amplitube 3) on my Amplifi FX100 for room practice.


The tone I have on Amplitube is:



 "Overdrive" (BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1)

 "Class Fuzz" (Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz)


 Marshall AFD 100 (Slash Marshall amp; it's meant to be a hybrid of his modded #34 JCM with some Silver Jubilee stuff in there  too)


 412 Celestion V30 amp

 Condenser 87 mic


 Digital Reverb (rack unit)


So far I've gotten pretty close. In Amplifi I'm using:



 Vetta Juice - without this I can't get the punch that the modded AFD 100 has

 Facial Fuzz - Not exactly the Mayer Fuzz, but close


 1987 Brit Gain Silver J


 412 V30

 SM57 angled 45


 4-band EQ

 Chamber Reverb


But the tone is missing that SD-1 BAD. There's a SHNK sound that is added to palm mutes on Amplitube that makes the tone super aggressive (no pun intended). But I can't find a pedal in Amplifi that will do it.



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