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Amplifi Remote and Spider App with Remix OS as Desktop solution

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Id like to share my experiences on searching for a usefull desktop (no Phone, no tablet, no iOS) solution for using Amplifi Remote and Spider App.

My solution is "Remix OS" on an old laptop with Bluetooth.

Everybody has such an old relic, which is to slow for Windows 10 or so.

Take it, install Remix OS (what means an Desktop-based Android 6), put Spider App and/or Amplifi Remote on it and  ... ta,tat,ta it works!

The best with Remix is, Your laptop runs fast and You can use Android in multi-windows mode. So it is possible to use both Apps and GuitarTabs and and concurrently.

Since Ive done this, I never had any Probs with Bluetooth connection and so on.


Maybe also for You it is a testing worth it.


DiSch, Potsdam, Germany

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