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Amp Goes into Recovery Mode after Storing Preset to Amp

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Hello all, I've discovered an interesting issue. Since I am in the IT industry, this Line 6 Amplifi kind of goes hand in hand. I purchased this amp almost a year ago, and recently purchased the Firehawk. Since, I'm using this footswitch, I needed to set a flat sound on the amp and leave that at default. I wanted to turn off al effects, except the Amp, and set the amp to "No Amp" to "Tone A" Bank 1. Unfortunately after storing this preset to the Amplifi, the amp will go into Recovery Mode after you restart. This was an issue before the recently update, but still occurs. I have informed this issue with Line 6, which they are aware. If any of you have this same issue, you can still store the "No Amp" to the Amplifi, but NOT on "Tone A". It can be stored on Tone B, C, and D. This is a bug-related issue. Hopefully it will get resolved.

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