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Using cab sims with a DT-50

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Using a JTV59, Variax Std, HD500x and a DT-50 212.


Having a great time getting familiar with my dream rig. One part of the learning curve that I haven't found much information about is how the cab sims work with the DT-50.


I have began by using the D6 Link/preamp factory patches that come with the HD500x. While looking at the preamps I see that the cab and mic simulator options are on. So it looks like preamp patches are minus only the power amp simulator, which I see from a couple of posts, is recommended when using the DT-50. My question is whether it is a good idea to turn off the cab and mic simulators since I am using the natural cab sound of the DT-50? If the cab/mic sim is simply another option to use with the DT-50, then how does this affect the direct out line of the DT-50 that I plan to use for playing live? With a cab/mic sim in use, does the direct line out take into account the the sound of the DT-50 itself that is a part of what I am hearing standing in front of the amp?


I realize that I could spend the time to record the DT-50 line out and compare it with what I am hearing in front of the amp, but I thought perhaps there is already a few of you that have gone down this path and have reached some conclusions that could save me a lot of trial and error.



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I ALWAYS turn off the cabs on all my patches when playing either at home or a gig. I find any simulated cab tone you get can change hugely depending on the environment. For example, I get an awesome mesa boogie distortion at home - take it to band practise and it sounds muddy and dark cranked. 


I also found the tones to be better, when letting the amp sim use a real life cab. Tones don't need tweaking when increasing volume. 


So yea, turn off ya cabs and let your real cab do the lifting :)

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Thanks for the reply. That is interesting and I will watch for that. If I choose to try cab sims I will definitely have duplicate patches without as backup. Thanks for sharing that experience Elexorien.

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First, I don't believe there is a correct answer for either. What works best for the sound you after works. Try both.


I personally leave the cab sims one. The DT is "supposed" to be designed with the cab in mind and using a fairly flat speaker so the simulations work properly. The "Cab" simulated out is just that a "Cab" simulated out so includes something that should be close the speaker in the DT. I use mine that way all the time, and there isn't a big difference in the DI out vs. the Speaker. I do hear a slight be more distorted sound over the PA line but that could be numerous points along the PA that is triggering that and it's not much different. Likely perception on my part because the tone is now coming out out PA system and from many more speakers. 


All that being said is my preference, the speaker in the DT sound good on it's own as well and can work well too as Elexrion prefers it. 

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