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  1. Thanks, Although the touch sensitive functions aren't configurable in any menu?
  2. Hi all, Weirdly, I can use the two button "swap snapshot" method on my helix floor - but not the two button "copy snapshot" method. I've also noticed i can assign snaps/ stomps using the touch button method anymore. Using 2.92 firmware. Any ideas?
  3. Just an update. I found using a heavier gauge string on the low E resolved the plink issue. On my JTV59 - The lightest I can go without plink is .49 - so give it a try if you're still having issues, or feel the .52 is too heavy. It's TOTALLY removed the issue for me, across all models and all tunings.
  4. Well thanks for sharing them! The Peter Green Lester is awesome!
  5. OK - I have a solution for me. And how I got there: First, I noticed the smallest amount of play on the saddle, and when "wiggled" would changed the volume of the plink. Nothing consistent though. So, I re-strung the 6th E with another .46 string with a small bit of electric tape wrapped around it, where it sits in the piezo saddle. This MASSIVELY reduced the plink in all models bar "Spank" - but being a an*l retentive guitarist - I could still just about hear it... enough to still be an issue. Then, I strung it with a .56 gauge string... PLINK GONE. Even on Spank! Its a tad thick for standard tuning, but not too bad. I'll order a .50 & .52 to see how low I can get the gauge while not having plink - but for me, using a heavier gauge has fixed my issue. Hopefully helpful to everyone!
  6. Here's something interesting... My JTV59 was fine out of the box - no plink. I played 3 in store and the other 2 had the plink. Too it home and played it - no plink. Played it at band practise - no plink. Awesome! High Gain, modelled guitar and alternate tuning - no plink. Acoustic model? No plink. Basically - I got a good one :) Then I changed the strings... I went from .10-.46 D'addario that came from factory to the D'addario .10 - .46 NYXL's. The bridge didn't get moved during the string change. I changed each string rather than taking all 6 off and putting the new 6 on. Was super careful not to disturb the guitar in case it gave me the plinks. Restrung, tuned to pitch, plugged in... magnetic pickups sounded sweet! These new strings sound wicked!... then I switched to modelled guitar and switched to baritone tuning... AND I GOT THE PLINK - BIG TIME I'm running Variax> Pod HD500> DT25. Plink made much more noticeable on any patch that uses amp voicing III. Moving amp voicing to IV quietened it enough that my band didn't notice... But I did. I'll be switching back to regular D'addario soon and will report back. At this point, i'm inclined to think it's a hardware issue, as it only affects the thickest string, which I have noticed sits the most awkwardly in it's saddle, and is under the most tension - so MAYBE it's moving the piezo, and you only hear it when palm muting as the string vibration masks it when played open? I know a guy who's also got this problem, and he SWEARS by wrapping electric tape around the string where it sits on the bridge to fix the problem. So i'll try that too. Wish me luck!
  7. I ALWAYS turn off the cabs on all my patches when playing either at home or a gig. I find any simulated cab tone you get can change hugely depending on the environment. For example, I get an awesome mesa boogie distortion at home - take it to band practise and it sounds muddy and dark cranked. I also found the tones to be better, when letting the amp sim use a real life cab. Tones don't need tweaking when increasing volume. So yea, turn off ya cabs and let your real cab do the lifting :)
  8. I don't have a video - but can vouch as a player of Creed/ Alter Bridge/ Tremonti that it does that alt tuning stuff exceptionally well :)
  9. Bough mine last week, to complete the 'dream rig': JTV-59 Variax > Pod HD500 > DT25 Stack. Basically, i've been playing for 20 years - I've NEVER had it so good - and would buy it all again tomorrow if stolen!
  10. Hey dude, Using the DT25 standalone - both channels are just fine. It's when the POD is connected that I get issues. I've tried 3 L6 Cables, and I get the same issue everytime. What is interesting is that when I either roll back the firmware, or update it - it behaves normally for literally 1 second, the quietens down :( What's more interesting is that using the 4CM - There's no issue, even when using Channel A.
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