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I realized I answered my own question but left a great question.


Sorry, wasting your time but I have'nt been using the HD lately as just concentrating on bass and some functions of the HD can slip your mind even though it has only been a couple of months


My question was how would you come off a nice mix board insert and patch into the HD.

Of course I was thinking patching it and I made a mistake in connecting it,


Anyway I figured it out so I can use the HD for FX.


Anymore "how would you do it?'s" welcome!

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Things to be aware of.


The insert input on a desk is wired slightly differently when it comes to using TRS/2 to 1 leads, or I should say inserts cables are wired differently so you have to be aware of that.


Using normal channels you have to match balanced/unbalanced loads correctly.


I would use two DI boxes for the returns



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Sure, I routed send from the insert to one of the returns on the FX loop in the HD and the insert return from the line out Left and the other line out to another insert return on another channel but via a Sans Amp pedal for some grit

I have patched a compressor limiter one of the mixers output inserts but have put it on one of the Sends of the Mixer which also gets recorded. 

Might parallel the return into the Sans amp and EQ it and send it out via a send bus. So too the HD FX.


You are right it makes too many versions and too many tracks, 


The Mixer has a Direct out which I record as well.


If I wanted to I could take the Direct out from the mixer into the Aux input and use the HD s/pdif out recorded dry.


It makes alot of recorded tracks to mix in the DAW.


I'll be looking at using some cabnet IRs as well if I can find some good bass one's.

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