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GearBox terminating internet connection

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I own a Pod 3X live, and today i downloaded the GearBox software for the first time.

The download ended succesfuly, and it works fine with the Pod device.

However, every time i connect the Pod and opens the GearBox program, it shuts of the WIFI stick. Therefore i can't have an access to the tone library. And in order to get an internet connection, i must disconnect the Pod, close GearBox and reset the WIFI device.

Does anybody had a similar issue?

What can i do to fix it?

Thanks a lot!!

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I have the same issue ,was working on it just before my friend bombed my Pod,priority has changed .I can tell you this I found a script had been added to the set up for the IE connections.that is designed to override the proxy settings. The script seems only to effect IE .why line 6 would mess at this level is strange . It is not in my standard IE settings however

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