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Acoustic Sims using IRs


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Rather than further derail my Free IR thread, I thought I'd start a new topic since there was some discussion potential.


I'm partial to the free Taylor CE IRs and created a clip of the magnetic pickups on my Strandberg running through my "Fauxcoustic" preset. link


Personally, I'm partial to not so much body tone.  That affected my choice of IRs as well as EQ. For those who prefer more body/air in the tone, a different IR might suit you better but pushing the EQ at 400Hz can help, too.


I have some other free IRs I'll share when I get them into a downloadable location.  


Any IRs or tips you'd like to share from your experience with acoustic simulation?



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I was toying around the other day trying this - made a patch with some EQ blocks to try and do 'traditional' EQ fixes for a Piezo pickup, and with an IR block (I bought a 3Sigma acoustic IR) so that I can switch between the 2 approaches and compare.


Turned out to be a pointless exercise - the IR was vastly better from the get go. 

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