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X3Live as a continuous midi controller for Axe-Fx Ultra (solved)


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Some time ago people were discussing this issue on the forums. It turned out that x3 works fine as preset footswitch, but the question was open on how to control the effects, set the expression pedal to work, etc. And no one seems to have found a solution, at least I didn't find it anywhere. So just in case someone's still interested, yesterday I got my x3 live work just great for that, and here's how.


First off, how to assign the onboard buttons like 'stomp', 'delay' etc, to turn the corresponding fx's on axe-fx. With your line6 turned on and connected to axe-fx via midi cable, press I/O button on the axe-fx, go to 'control' page. This is where the midi control message numbers are stored. Scroll down to any effect or function needed to assign, then press enter button. The "learning' message will go flashing on the screen. Now press the desired button on your line6 and buy me a beer )).

Likewise you can assign your onboard pedal to work as input level controller, use onboard knobs to edit corresponding parameters on the axe-fx. Let me know if anyone needs this information.

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