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Best way to connect X3L to mi PC


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Hello guys.


I`m the new owner of a X3 Live and i need to see if i can get some help to connect it to my PC and see if what i want to do is possible.


I use the PC to watch movies, listen music, etc, i have an old M-audio fast track where i connect my guitar and was using guitar rig to get the effects, from the Fast Track, the sound goes to an audio amp (Denon, Onkyom etc) and speakers.


I use Reaper to record.


i`m not sure if connecting the X3L through USB and use it as a sound card is the best option, because then the X3L would need to be on everyday and most of the day, (i have different work hours each week, plus my wife, etc, The computer is almost never off)


Could i just connect one of the Live out Jacks to the guitar input of the M-audio and use it that way, so i can just turn on the X3L when i want to play and the same time i watch a movie, or record in reaper, or i would loose sound quality compared to using the X3L as a sound card?


I`m not sure if i`m clear enough...


Any help or ideas are welcomed!



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