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HELP Fm4 doesn't want to work with my pedal board

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First time posting here, in fact I just joined to ask this. I ran into an interesting problem with my board, I'm running a lot of pedals and I'm using 2 power supplies with 2 daisy chains, I have my DL4 plugged into on one and my FM4 plugged in the other, the DL4 does just fine and works perfectly however the FM4 doesn't want to work, when ever I turn it on the light turns on but my signal gets cut off, I plugged the FM4 straight in with out a daisy chain and it worked just fine so I know it's not broken


I have tried the following

-I plugged my DL4 in to both daisy chains and it works fine on both so I know it's getting enough power since the DL4 and the FM4 are running the same amount of power

-I plugged it straight into the power supply and it worked so I know it's not the broken pedal

-When it's off my board runs smoothly and when I tune it on the light goes on but no sound comes out so I know it's not a patch cable or something

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