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Pod HD Pro X Amp Volume issue


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Hi all. Noticed tonight that my HD Pro X patches were doing something weird. Whenever I'd change patch, the display would flick between the amp/fx blocks view and the Amp controls view, and the amp volume would flick between 1/2 % of wherever I set and saved it. For example, if I assign a volume of 65%, it would flick between 65 and 66%. I also noticed that whereas before the tap tempo light on the floorboard and the tap light on the front of the unit would be perfectly in sync, now they were drifting away from each other. The tempo light on the floorboard would be consistent with the delay tempo, but the one on the unit itself would be out of time.


Overheating issue? The unit WAS getting hot! Or does this point to a deeper (more terminal) issue?

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Hopefully all you got is a failure to save changes. Check that the save function is working perfectly.

Some compressed air clears it most of the time.

If it occurs again and again, isolate any change you make so you can replicate it. Cheers

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